1. Customer’s orders are delivered to the Seller by following all the steps described below:
    1. the desired Product(s) is/are selected;
    2. the desired Product is added in the “My cart” section by clicking on the “Add to cart” button;
    3. a form is filled in with information on:
      1. Customer’s identification details;
      2. the Product delivery address;

The special facility of the Company’s Website displays the total cost of the Product cart as the sum of the shipping charge and the Product price.

  1. a payment method is selected:
    1. in cash, upon Product delivery;
    2. by credit card, upon acceptance of Order, by using the service;
  2. the order document with the data introduced at steps 4.1.1 – 4.1.4 is displayed;
  3. Company’s Terms and Conditions are accepted,
  4. the Customer clicks on the “Buy Now” button, after it has rectified any errors in the relevant data.
  1. The Company does not accept payment by payment instruments such as cheques.
  2. Before the Order is sent, the Customer may re-verify and change any Order data.
  1. The receipt and acceptance of the Order by the Company shall be confirmed by being displayed on the screen and by sending a confirmation e-mail to the Customer’s e-mail account. If the Customer opted for payment by credit card upon the acceptance of Order, the online payment form will be displayed on the screen.
  2. Each Customer may track its Orders from the last two calendar years by accessing the My Orders section of the User’s account.
  1. If some of the Products are not in stock, this information will be displayed after the Product description. For these Products, the Company reserves the right to accept the Order after having checked the availability of the Product(s) with its suppliers. In such case, the Company shall confirm to the Customer that it has received the Order under an “Acceptance Pending” status. The fact that the Order has been received and its “Acceptance Pending” status shall be confirmed by on-screen display and by sending an e-mail to the Customer’s e-mail account. It is then that the Customer may close the session and wait for the acceptance of its Order.
  2. After the Seller has confirmed that the relevant supplier has the Product(s), the Company shall contact the Customer by e-mail and/or by phone, thus accepting the Order. If the Seller accepts the Order by e-mail, the message may include a link by which the Customer can access an internet page where it can choose a payment method. In the other cases, the Customer can pay the price upon delivery, either in cash or by credit card.
  3. Unless the Seller accepts the Order within 30 days as of receipt thereof, the Customer may cancel the Order by sending an appropriate message to the following e-mail address [email protected] or by any of the methods provided at para. 10.2 below.
  4. Data provided by the Customer when placing the Order are stored and processed by the Company in accordance with its Confidentiality Policy detailed in Appendix A below.
  1. The Customer may choose one of the following payment methods:
    1. Payment in cash, upon Product delivery;
    2. Payment by credit card, upon Order acceptance, using the PayPal service
  2. For payment in cash upon Product delivery, the Order is considered paid when the package is delivered to the Customer, along with all the Contract documents, at the delivery address indicated by the Customer in the Order. The Company reserves the right not to complete package delivery unless the price is paid.
  3. If the Customer opted for payment by the Pay Pal service, payment is considered made when the message on the acceptance of the Order by the Seller is displayed on the screen, by filling in the dedicated online form and appropriate payment authorization. If the Customer does not pay, the Company reserves the right not to fulfill the accepted Order. The Customer may resume the Order and, as the case may be, may opt for another payment method.
  1. Products sold on the Website are new and they are accompanied, upon delivery, by a tax invoice in accordance with the laws in force.
  2. The Website provides information on the key features of the Products. Product prices are specified on the Website in RON. All prices listed on the Website include VAT.
  3. The price of each Product is displayed on the screen when the Customer places the Order. The price which is displayed / printed on the invoice will be identical to the price listed on the Website when placing the Order. The Company reserves the right to change the prices listed on the Website, to offer new products, to create, annul or change promotional offers. The Company undertakes not to change the value of the Order after the acceptance thereof.
  4. Customers from non-EU Member States can be subject to customs taxes or duties. Such costs are NOT included in the final purchase price. We collect from the Customer only the Product price and the shipping charges. The costs of customs taxes or duties for customers from non-EU Member States shall be invoiced directly to couriers or to a customs broker selected by the Customer. The Seller recommends all non-EU Customers to contact their local customs bureau in order to determine the final price before completing the purchase.
  1. The Seller undertakes to make its best efforts so that the Products for which a Contract was executed would be delivered within the period provided in the detailed information on each Product, without prejudice to Seller’s right to send multiple Products in one shipment. At any rate, delivery shall not exceed 30 days as of the Order acceptance date.
  2. The Seller does NOT deliver orders during weekends or national holidays. All orders placed during weekends or national holidays in Romania shall be delivered on the immediately following business days. For convenience only, please consider the following list of national holidays:
    1. 1 and 2 January;
    2. first and second day of the Christian Orthodox Easter;
    3. 1 May;
    4. the first and the second day of Pentecost;
    5. the Assumption;
    6. 30 November – Saint Andrew the Apostle, Protector of Romania;
    7. 1 December;
    8. the first and the second day of Christmas.
  3. The Order is delivered by express courier, at the address specified by the Customer in the Order form. Detailed terms and conditions for Product delivery are provided under the “Secure Delivery” section of the Website
  4. If the Customer cannot be found at the delivery address provided in the Order during the specified time, the courier will return only once, after having contacted the Customer. If the Customer cannot be found at the delivery address at the second attempt, the Order shall be cancelled and the Contract for such Products shall be considered terminated de jure, without formal notice, the Customer being in default de jure upon the first failed attempt of delivery. Without prejudice to the right to seek and obtain other compensations, the Company shall deduct the value of shipping charges from the amounts paid by the Customer.
  5. The Seller reserves the right not to deliver any other Products to the Customers placing two or more Orders which could not be successfully delivered.