Cookie Policy

  1. Cookies are files allowing the appropriate connection of the User to the Website and the easy placing of Orders, as well as the performance of statistic analyses.
  2. The cookie mechanism is an advantage for the visitor, as it can remember your website browsing options, such as the language in which the website is accessed and the type of filters at the display of certain web pages. By using cookies, the Company can analyze visitors’ interest for the sections of the Website, which allows it to further improve the browsing experience by introducing relevant content for the User, etc. Some of the Company’s business partners, for instance those that advertise on the Website, use the Website cookies. The Company does not have access to and cannot control these cookies.
  3. The User can limit or prohibit the access of cookie files to its computer by using the browser settings.
  4. The Company uses its own Cookies for the following purpose:
    1. Configuration of the services, including:
      1. adjusting Website content by reference to User’s preferences and optimizing Website use;
      2. recognition of User’s devices and User localization, as well as proper display of the Website, for personal needs;
      3. remembering the selected settings and customizing User’s interface, for instance in relation to the selected language or User’s region;
      4. remembering the history of visited web pages.
    2. User Authentication and making User’s session on the server efficient:
      1. maintaining User session (after login), which means that the User can log in automatically and does not have to introduce its user name and password every time;
      2. proper configuration of selected functions, thus allowing a detailed verification of session authenticity;
      3. chat option;
      4. ensuring the necessary processes for the Website (transactions) to be fully operational;
      5. adjusting Website content by reference to User’s preferences and optimizing the use of web pages. More precisely, these files allow the knowledge of basic parameters in User’s device and the proper loading of web pages which are of interest for the User.
    3. Remembering User’s location for proper Order processing and to detect abuses in the placing of Orders
    4. Audience analysis, research and audit
    5. Statistics help us understand how service users are using the Website. This allows us to improve Website offers.
  5. The Company uses two types of cookies:
    1. Temporary cookies, which are saved and remain in User’s computer until the session is closed. When the session is closed, they are permanently deleted from computer memory. The temporary cookie mechanism does not allow the storage of User’s personal data or other confidential information of the User.
    2. Permanent cookies: they are saved and remain in User’s computer until they are deleted. Ending the Website browsing session or closing the computer does not result in their deletion. The permanent cookie mechanism does not allow the storage of User’s personal data or other confidential information.
  6. The User can limit or deactivate the cookie files stored in its computer. Deactivating the access of Cookies does not prevent the use of the server, except for those functions which cannot be carried out without cookies, such as logging in the User’s account, acquiring products or paying for the Orders.
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